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Executive Summary:

I am a Mechanical Engineer and an Educator by profession with a decade of experience in academia, research, and industry.

In my PhD research, I focused on developing a technology to in-situ diagnose certain degradation mechanisms of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. A patent application has been filed for one of my inventions: a multi-point contact temperature sensor.

I’m a trained lecturer and have served in the capacity of a lecture/tutor in higher education sector in the UK and in Sri Lanka. Further, being a corporate trainer, I have trained over 250 employees from corporate sector in Sri Lanka on PLC based automated systems.

I’ve served in several administrative and leadership positions/ roles in my career.

Besides to core Mechanical Engineering concepts, I’ve a good exposure to Mechatronics. I’m a Certified Associate LabVIEW developer and I have a good experience in C++, MATLAB, and firmware development for embedded systems as well.

I am very open to challenging Academic / Research opportunities where, I can exploit my skills and expertise.

Thank you

Manoj Ranaweera